Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I install your cc/sims?
-Check out this tutorial! [x]
-Short version:
  1. Extract if it’s a ZIP file!;
  2. If it’s cc put it in the Mods folder, If it’s sims put it in the Tray folder, both located in Documents » Electronic Arts » The Sims 4
  3. Voilá, just open the game! :)
What is a mesh? Do I need it?
-The mesh is the “physical” part of the cc, it is used in retextures, and it’s always linked in the description! Without it, the cc will not appear in game.
Where do I find the Sim that I downloaded in my game?
-You have to go to CAS, open your Gallery, go to the bottom left corner, “Advanced” and check “Include Custom Content”!
This CC appears weird in game!
-Make sure you have disabled “Laptop Mode” in the Graphic Settings!