As we all know, the Sims 4 team has recently made an update to their game, where they allow the customization of make-up and genetics through sliders, which is an amazing step towards full customization capabilities for the game! Unfortunately, those sliders were only available for that and nothing else, until a group of modders created a mod that unlocks these sliders for pretty much all categories!

So today, I'm introducing "The Spectrum Collection", a separate, optional "Spectrum Version", for all my future releases, that will work with the color slider, which is unlocked with the mod that I'll be linking below!

If you're already familiar with the sliders, this won't be anything different for you! But still, I made a picture explaining what each slider and buttons do!

  • 1 - Hue Slider - Controls the color.
  • 2 - Opacity Slider - Do not touch this slider, it should always be kept at max, otherwise it will make the hair transparent!
  • 3 - Saturation Slider - Controls the intensity of the color, from gray to very vibrant.
  • 4 - Brightness Slider - Controls the lightness of the color, from dark to light.
  • 5 - Save Swatch button - This button allows you to save custom colors of your choice, always save a color when you're done customizing it, so you don't lose it!
  • 6 - Delete Swatch button - This button allows you to delete a previously saved color swatch.
  • 7 - Swatches Menu - This opens up the swatches & color slider menu, click it to open and close when necessary.

    Some important tips & information: 
  • Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that ALL content will work with the sliders, special files need to be made for them to work correctly;
  • The new menu & color sliders ONLY work on slider enabled creations, which in my case will be the Spectrum creations;
  • Items from the Spectrum Collection only have 1 swatch, which is a blank canvas and all you need to create an endless number of colors;
  • You can have both normal and Spectrum versions in game:
    - For my regular hairs, with 54 colors, use the TOP swatches, that you've always used to change hair color, if you use the new swatches & slider menu at the bottom, nothing will happen nor the color will change;
    - For items from the Spectrum Collection, use the BOTTOM swatches, that are located on the menu below the thumbnail picture;
  • Make sure your game is updated, this mod will only work with games that are updated to the latest version.

All you need to make this work in your game is to download the file ATTACHED AT THE END of the following post (named "thepancake1-ColorSlidersUI.package")  and put it in your mods folder, just like any other CC! 


Big thanks to thepancake1 and MizoreYukii, the creators of this mod, without them, this wouldn't have been possible! ♥

Also, big thanks to timmssimms, for letting me use their beautiful sim Caz! ♥