(I’ll be doing some mesh edits & mashups of already existing hairs, I have already some more done and I’m working on new ones too :D Every hair that I’ll be using, I either have permission from the creator, or in some cases, the creator already allows editing of their meshes. I don’t mean in any way to disrespect anyone, I’m simply doing this to make the game better and giving you more content and diversity! I will also be giving my own name to the creations, which I hope they don’t mind, but it is so it doesn’t get confused with the original work. I take no ownership for these meshes and it will be very well specified in each post! I hope you like them )

36 swatches;

HQ mod compatible;

Custom Shadow Map;
Smooth weighting;
Works with hats;
All LOD’s;
Mesh “included” - Mesh edit of RaonJena 36 - All mesh credits goes to RaonJena & HallowSims (The original hair is linked so you can download and support the original creator, without them this work wouldn’t have been possible! );